If you’re not sure where to start, these are some of my favorite resources:


Food Inc. This was the first food documentary I watched and I think its a great starting point. It covers the transition from the small family farm to the large corporate farms that now control the majority of the food industry. It will really force you to think about where your food comes from and exposes the practices “factory farms” use to produce food faster, bigger and fatter.

Hungry for Change This documentary explores the hooks the food industry uses to keep you coming back for more. Or as they said “If you addict a customer, you have a customer for life”. It examined the influence of the food industry in our lives and the sneaky ingredients in far more of our “food products” than we realize. It reinforced my desire to keep away from processed food.

Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead I loved this documentary about two men who heal from serious chronic illness by drinking only fresh fruit and vegetable juice for 60 days. Even if you don’t agree with the concept of a juice fast, this documentary was seriously inspirational. Both men underwent a drastic transformation physically and emotionally. It really made me think of the concept of food as medicine.


In Defense of Food focuses on the real food movement. Like the documentaries above, it looks at where our food comes from and why its important to get back to eating whole, unprocessed food. Michael Pollan is one of my favorite food writers. I’d also recommend Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual.

I also loved The Unhealthy Truth, an in-depth look at how our food is making us sick. 

The Honest Life is a great overview of natural living. It covers everything from food to make-up to home furnishings. Until I read it, I didn’t realize how many hidden carcinogens and other harmful chemicals are all around us. This book was great inspiration, without being overwhelming.

A great real food cookbook: 100 Days of Real Food


The Environmental Working Group. This website has great resources for healthy personal care products and household products. You can search pretty much any product out there and it will give you a score of 0-10 (zero being the best) based on the potentially harmful ingredients in the product. It also explains why each of the ingredients are of concern.


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