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The Weekly List (7.15)

I told you in my last weekly list I thought I would be pregnant past my due date but I was wrong and I’m so glad I was. Our sweet baby boy was born on June 5th, one day before his due date, and the last 5 and a half weeks have been spent soaking up family time and getting

The Weekly List (6.3)

Happy Friday!!! I’m really hoping this is my last day of work before baby arrives and I’m off for the next couple months. I’m due Monday but something tells me I’ll probably still be pregnant then… And then you’ll probably find me scouring the web for all the old wives tales regarding inducing labor. But for now, here’s the interesting

The Weekly List (5.20)

Happy Friday! Its been one long rainy week here in Kansas and I’m ready for a warm, sunny weekend! I did manage to get my garden in before all this rain and I’ll be sharing next week what I’ve planted and what I’ve already managed to kill….. But in the meantime, here’s what I’m loving this week: I just started reading Eat

The Weekly List (5.13)

I love reading Friday lists by other bloggers. I already follow too many blogs so its fun to discover other posts from blogs or articles I might not normally read. I often see things I’d like to share, but I’m not always the best about getting on Facebook or Twitter to share what I’ve found. So I bring you The

2016 Goals

Yep, the obligatory New Year’s goal post! Most bloggers have one, but for good reason. I believe sharing your goals/putting them on paper helps solidfy them and keep you accountable. I’ve shared before that I’m not a fan of big resolutions because when you try to hold yourself to perfection, you’re going to fall short and feel discouraged.  I prefer


June was such a great month! I got tons of girl time in this month with my friends and also had plenty of quality time with the husband. The summer is such a bittersweet time. I want time to pass quickly so I can get to fun things I have planned, but also want it to slow way down so I


Hey friends! I hope this first week of June finds you well. I don’t have much time on this dreary, rainy day, but wanted to pop in with the May recap/what I’m currently up to. I’m looking forward to a busy, but fun June. As always, I want to hear what you are up to lately, so tell me in


Hey May! We all agree this is the month when summer starts, right? I know it technically doesn’t start until June, but to me, Memorial Day signals the start of summer and I am just so excited for all kinds of summer fun!  April was all about that green. The farmer’s market opened, I got my garden in and tons


Hey friends… I am super late with this month’s recap. I don’t talk about it much here because of safety reasons, but my husband was recently gone for 4 months for training with the Air Force. He just got home at the end of March so we’ve been crazy busy since he got home having date nights, doing house and


Hey friends! Are you as happy as I am that February is over? I’m a big fan of February but I’m looking forward to so many things this Spring and Summer that I’m happy March has arrived.  February was packed with lots of fun things that made it fly by: my birthday and the husband’s birthday (which unfortunately we celebrated