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Questions for your farmer

If you’re reading my blog, you are probably already thinking about where your food comes from. Whether you try to buy local or organic, avoid additives or simply want to avoid the dreaded “pink slime”, most of us want to have confidence in our food supply. I recently had the opportunity to attend the Missouri State Fair as a guest of

Introducing Sprouts

We had the opportunity to check out the area’s newest grocery store, Sprouts, last week. The first and only Kansas store is located at 135th and Metcalf. They also have locations in Arizona, California, Utah, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Georgia, New Mexico and Nevada. Sprouts calls themselves a “healthy living” store and I would have to agree. I’m always happy to

Clean Eating at Sam’s Club

We just got a Sam’s Club near us, but I wasn’t sure if a membership would be worth it for us. When I think of them, I think of super size bags of Cheetos and 700 count boxes of frozen taquitos. but is there any real food sold there? And is it enough to justify a membership? When a Groupon

Grocery day

Today was grocery day. I hit up Trader Joe’s, which is becoming my favorite for some yummy unique finds: I am quickly becoming obsessed with whole wheat pitas. I’m always looking for more ways to use them. Their trail mix is my go-to snack when I’m at work and I forgot to bring enough food. I used today to do