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12 Races in 12 Months- January

It feels so good to have the first 5K of the year behind me! If you missed it, my goal for the year is to do 12 races in 12 months. I’m hoping to run a minimum of twelve 5Ks this year, but hopefully trade up for a couple longer distances too. Hopefully. For my January run, I chose the Groundhog

Holiday Gift Guide: Fitness

I’m bringing you a couple of gift guides each Friday this month. The first one was for the kitchen if you missed it. This one’s filled with some of my favorite fit finds. (These are not affiliate links, just products I like and wanted to share with you) 1 Foam roller I think everyone needs a foam roller. I use

How I found my way back to running

I’ve talked a little bit about my evolving fitness goals, but today I want to focus on running. Up until this year, I hadn’t run consistently in a very long time for a myriad of reasons, but I missed it. A lot. This spring and summer, I headed out to run thinking I would just easily work my way up

Live Blue KC & A Giveaway!

This last week I got the opportunity to tour Live Blue, a neighborhood wellness center located in Zona Rosa. The coolest thing about the center is that they offer free fitness and health education classes. Like free free. Free no strings attached classes like zumba, pilates and yoga. They also have educational classses farm-to-table cooking classes for kids and healthy

How I get a full body strength workout in under 30 minutes

I really love weightlifting. If I could only pick one fitness activity to do, that would be it. I love the sense of accomplishment when I get to increase my reps or weight. I love knowing I’m getting stronger in ways that make everyday tasks easier. And I love feeling a little sore the next day to remind me I

Crossfitting at home

I am just dying to try Crossfit. I’ve been reading other blogs and seeing people I know doing it and reallllllly want to try it. I already love weightlifting, so the dynamic lifting and total body workouts of Crossfit really appeal to me. I’m also looking for something to kick my motivation into high gear. I’ve found a gym that

The Martini Mile

This Saturday, we ran the Martini Mile, a four-person relay where each person runs a mile. This race was special because it was the first race my husband and I have ever done together. He’s not crazy about running, but he was a good sport. I was a little nervous because I haven’t done a race in about 6 years.

Running reboot

I’ve shared my recent frustration after a couple of bad runs, but I’m happy to report things are going much better. In honor of national running day, I wanted to share some of my running journey. I originally started running with my dad as a tween. We would run the “small loop” in our neighborhood and he would drop me off at


With all my workout frustration this week, I needed to try something new to remotivate myself. It was perfect timing when I saw a free week offer on Daily Garnish for a week of access to barre3 videos online. Since I moved in with my now-husband, I don’t have any yoga or ballet classes close to me anymore and I have