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DIY Shower Bombs (Three Versions)

Today I’ve got something for you that will make your showers better. I’m obsessed with making things smell good and the shower is no different. This idea started when I was feeling a little congested. I sprinkled a few drops of eucalyptus oil on the shower floor to help clear my sinuses. It smelled great. For about 30 seconds… I

Essential Oils for travel

I’ve been using essential oils consistently for the better part of a year now, so when it came to preparing for a trip to San Antonio, I couldn’t imagine traveling without at least a few of them. As part of my ever continuing quest to use more natural products/remedies, essential oils are becoming more and more a part of my

Natural Bug Bite Remedy

I’m not usually one to throw around terms like “miracle”and “best fill-in-the-blank ever”, but I have to rave about this “recipe” for a moment. We have an evil infestation of killer mosquitoes in our backyard. I can’t even let the dogs out without being doused in (natural) bug spray. Sometimes they overcome those defenses and I end up with multiple

Essential Oil Basics: Choosing a Carrier Oil

If you’re going to use essential oils topically, you’ll need to choose a carrier oil. Carrier oils are vegetable oils that you can use to properly dilute essential oils to apply them to your skin. Two of my favorite ways to use essential oils topically are to put a diluted calming blend on my feet to help me sleep or

Essential Oil Basics

I’ve been trying something fun and new in my natural journey: experimenting with essential oils! They’re just another step in my (slowly moving) quest to remove harmful chemicals from my home and use more natural remedies. I’ve been having so much fun learning about all the different kinds and their different uses. Its hard to pace myself as I build