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Questions for your farmer

If you’re reading my blog, you are probably already thinking about where your food comes from. Whether you try to buy local or organic, avoid additives or simply want to avoid the dreaded “pink slime”, most of us want to have confidence in our food supply. I recently had the opportunity to attend the Missouri State Fair as a guest of

Focus Friday: Scary Chemical Names Aren’t Always Scary Chemicals

  The other day my husband brought a box of something to me saying he didn’t think it was clean. This happens to be one of my favorite products and I was pretty sure I had properly vetted it, so I was surprised. He pointed out two ingredients he was concerned about: sodium bicarbonate and monocalcium phosphate. Sodium bicarbonate I

5 Baby Steps to Eating Cleaner

Is one of your resolutions or goals this year to eat better? If so, you’ve come to the right place! But before we get into some manageable steps to eating better, I wanted to share some fun inspiration with you. I’m participating in the F3 Challenge with some other awesome bloggers. It launches today, so sign-up to get daily encouragement

Stocking a real food fridge and freezer

This post is long overdue! I did a post on how to stock a real food pantry and I promised you part two long ago. I’m finally getting around to it! Here’s a peek into the things we keep on hand in our freezers and fridge. We usually have more food in the fridge, but today’s grocery day. Just imagine

Eating clean on the go

You may have seen me mention previously that I work a crazy schedule. I currently work the evening shift and don’t get home until 1am, but I most often work the midnight shift. I may have mentioned once or twice how hard it can be to eat clean with those kind of schedules. I wanted to share the things I

Monday Mini Pledge #5

Alright, we’ve arrived at the last mini pledge. We’re in the home stretch of our month of unprocessed food. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on how the month went on Thursday and what we’ll be up to next. For the last mini pledge, I thought I’d share some information about meat. Reading the label on your meat can be very

Monday Mini Pledge #4

Happy Monday! I may be more excited about Monday than some of you, because today is my Friday! I’m ready to get this weekend started. Did you switch out a whole grain this week? How’d it go? Ready to take on this week’s mini pledge? This week’s mini pledge is to Increase your fruit and veggie intake This is one

Monday Mini Pledge #3

Happy Monday! Did you take on last week’s pledge? How did it go? If you’re feeling inspired, keep up with weeks one and two and add in week three. You’ll be eating clean in no time! This week’s pledge: Switch one grain you use to a whole grain I would say switch all grains, but I know from experience that

Stocking a real food pantry

Last week I wrote about the basics on clean eating, but I also want to share the details of how we actually stock a real food pantry. This is just the non-perishable goods. I’ll share the fridge and freezer items on a later date (read: when I get around to cleaning it out). If you’re stuck or just starting out

Monday Mini Pledge #2

How’d last week’s mini pledge go? Full disclosure: I did cheat once. When I tore my corneas, the doctor recommended a combination of advil, tylenol and caffeine for the pain. Apparently studies have shown that combo can work as well on pain as codeine without all the loopyness. I had the husband run out and get me a coke. That