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Adventures in Cooking: Homemade Corned Beef

Its been a long time since I’ve tried a new cooking technique, but I was recently inspired by our new stove and the grass-fed beef we recently purchased. I decided to take one of the briskets and attempt a homemade corned beef. Corned beef is one of my favorite meats, but curing my own seemed very intimidating. Regardless, I really

How to Prepare Shredded Chicken

Confession: when I started cooking (and okay,sometimes still today), I had to look up everything. For some reason I get baking, but I need very specific instructions when cooking. Like how long do I hard boil an egg? And now I’ve lost what tiny bit of cooking cred I might have had with you….oops. I still consider myself a cooking

Adventures in Cooking: Homemade cheese

This is a guest post from Loralie. She’s leaps and bounds beyond me in the cooking and suburban homesteading realm. She has an enviable year-round garden and pantry. For those of you who are beyond my beginner cooking level, here’s a more advanced adventure in cooking:   I make my own bread.  I make my own yogurt.  I’ve been interested