The Weekly List (7.15)

I told you in my last weekly list I thought I would be pregnant past my due date but I was wrong and I’m so glad I was. Our sweet baby boy was born on June 5th, one day before his due date, and the last 5 and a half weeks have been spent soaking up family time and getting used to having two kids under one 😮. That last part is still a little hard to believe. Its been nice to have my maternity leave fall over the summer allowing us to take lots of walks, hit the farmer’s market often and take our daughter to some of the places around town we’ve had on our bucket list.

Since I’m nursing and pumping, I have A LOT of time to surf the internet and catch up on my favorite blogs. These are some of my favorite finds from the last month: 

This whole wheat pancake mix recipe is perfect for our 9 month old’s breakfasts. Right now, mornings are the craziest times of our day, trying to get everyone fed in a reasonable time, so quick options are key.  (Btw, I’ve got a baby feeding update coming soon for the last few months). 

These sweet potato tator tots are on my to-make list and they would be a perfect side for these black bean burgers

These energy bites were absolute lifesavers during the first few weeks home when I was starving, exhausted and trying to settle into some semblance of a routine. One batch took about 5 minutes to mix up, 10 minutes to roll out and lasted around a week. 

Motherhood and pregnancy have me thinking a lot about what I put on my body, since I’m in close contact with my little ones’ sensitive skin often. I’ve been cleaning up my personal care routine, but its a slow, trial-and-error process to find natural products that really work. I loved BTHR’s guide on her favorite natural beauty products


Tell me, what good stuff have you found on the internet lately?!

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