The Weekly List (6.3)


Happy Friday!!! I’m really hoping this is my last day of work before baby arrives and I’m off for the next couple months. I’m due Monday but something tells me I’ll probably still be pregnant then… And then you’ll probably find me scouring the web for all the old wives tales regarding inducing labor.

But for now, here’s the interesting (non-labor related) things I’ve found on around the internet in the last two weeks:

I just found out KC has a Scandinavian restaurant, Klubb Krokstrom, that serves Scandinavian small plates and Scandinavian alcohols like aquavit, glogg and my favorite, mead. I’ll definitely be hitting it up before our big Norwegian family reunion this summer.

Since I’ll be having a baby in (hopefully) a few days, the recovery process has been on my mind more lately. I love The Fitnessista’s new Post Baby Bod site and especially this post about core training after baby and avoiding making things worse.

These corn fritters over black bean salad sound like a perfect light, veggie-heavy summer dinner.

I want to go strawberry picking then make up a batch of this strawberry applesauce for our 8 month old.

I make my own laundry detergent with this recipe but I’m almost out and thinking of trying these laundry bombs for a bit.

Since my last weekly list, I shared our garden plan for this year (and the mistakes I’ve already made) and starting our baby on solid foods.

Tell me, have you found anything good on the internets this week?? Share it in the comments!

One thought on “The Weekly List (6.3)

  1. Futbolref

    Guess you were wrong on the working this week…

    Enjoy the time off!

    PS: You owe me $4.00 for strawberries for the applesauce you mentioned…


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