Baby Eats: The Beginning (4-5 months)

Feeding baby is so much fun! I was excited to introduce K to solid food but I had no idea how much fun it would be for me. Once she got the hang of it and started getting excited about food, it has been a whole new adventure. I love watching her learn to feed herself (and often missing her mouth) and get animated when she sees me preparing something for her.

We got the go ahead to start feeding K solid food at her 4 month appointment. Her weight was good and she was showing interest in what we ate so our pediatrician suggested we start her on rice cereal. She’s always had bad spit-up and had to be on the added-rice formula, so I was really ready to try something she could keep down better.

The first few weeks she was fed solids once a day and after a few weeks, we moved on to twice a day, usually late morning and early evening. The first few cereals I mixed up were very thin and watery and I gradually added less water as she got the hang of it.

We started her on this organic rice cereal and stuck with that exclusively for about three weeks. It was hard for me not to move on to something else because I know how horribly bland those cereals are but those first few weeks are more about learning to eat than the actual food itself. Those first few weeks ended up with the vast majority of the food pushed back out by her little tongue and all over her face, but she got the hang of it fairly quickly and we moved on to other, much more exciting things.

earth's best organic cereals

Oatmeal and multi-grain cereal were next and shortly after she turned 5 months, we introduced single-ingredient purees. I’ve never subscribed to the idea that baby food should be bland, so I’ve been adding a little bit of cinnamon to her cereals from the start.

I had wanted to make my own baby food but found she was somewhat cautious with new flavors at first so I decided to stick with pouches while she was trying new things. I certainly didn’t want to end up with a big batch of something she was allergic to or despised. I ended up going with the Plum Organic pouches because they don’t have any added ingredients like some other organic pouches.

Foods introduced during these two months:

Rice cereal
Oatmeal cereal
Multigrain cereal

Organic applesauce (usually mixed with oatmeal)

plum organics purees

Sweet potato puree
Butternut squash puree (with cinnamon)
Sweet pea puree (with mint)
Mango puree
Peach puree

Her favorites: oatmeal, applesauce and sweet potatoes

Equipment: Munchkin soft spoons and suction bowls

What were your baby’s first foods? Their favorites?

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