The Weekly List (5.20)

Happy Friday! Its been one long rainy week here in Kansas and I’m ready for a warm, sunny weekend! I did manage to get my garden in before all this rain and I’ll be sharing next week what I’ve planted and what I’ve already managed to kill…..


But in the meantime, here’s what I’m loving this week:

I just started reading Eat Dirt and learned I most definitely have leaky gut. Healing that will be one of my post-baby focuses. Even if you don’t think you have leaky gut, the book is fascinating and explores the idea that we have been trying to make things too clean and its hurting our health.

My basil always goes nuts and I can never keep up with it! I’m trying to use this recipe when I’ve got a good amount to not let it get away from me.

This post has great ideas for kid friendly, non-perishable snacks to pack when you’re out and about this summer. I’ll be using some of the ideas that would be appropriate for our then 10 month old on our road trip this summer.

These blackberry champagne cocktails sound delicious for this summer plus I can use some herbs from my herb garden. I’ll just be switching out the sugar for a different sweetener.

bitsy's brainfood crackers

I just tried these Bitsy’s Brainfood crackers in cheddar chia veggie and they are so good! The ingredient list is decent for a processed food and there is no added sugar! I didn’t think I’d like them because things with the words “chia” and “veggie” in the name don’t always say “delicious snack!” but I loved them. I’ll be keeping them on hand for snacking “emergencies”. From what I understand, they’re only available at Target. 

In case you missed it, I shared my thoughts on running during pregnancy earlier this week. 

Tell me what awesome things you’ve found on the internet (or off) this week!


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