The Weekly List (5.13)

I love reading Friday lists by other bloggers. I already follow too many blogs so its fun to discover other posts from blogs or articles I might not normally read. I often see things I’d like to share, but I’m not always the best about getting on Facebook or Twitter to share what I’ve found.

So I bring you The Weekly List: a collection of the best things I’ve found on the web, in real life and things I think are too awesome not to share! 


I have these DIY citronella torches on my to-do list. This will be a perfect use for all those wine bottles I plan to empty after baby arrives…

These bagels are everything. They’re made with sprouted grains which are easier to digest than traditional grains and keep me full longer than a regular bagel. Oh and they have 11 grams of protein and they’re delicious (even though they may not sound like it).

I’m loving all the baby food recipes on this site. The recipes aren’t your standard bland blended baby food and they have me inspired to be making more of K’s food on my own.

I’m starting to really miss my oils. I know there are some you can use during pregnancy but I have wanted to be really careful so with the exception of diffusing a few I know for sure are safe, I haven’t been using any in months. I’m excited to break into my stash again soon.

I’m considering making my own raw honey facewash. Sounds a little crazy putting food on your face, but honey is super healing, super moisturizing and anti-aging. 

In case you missed it, I posted earlier this week about the items that got me through pregnancy (so far).

Have a wonderful weekend! And let me know in the comments what fun and interesting things you’ve found on the internet this week!

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