My (mostly) natural pregnancy must-haves

Here I am at 36 weeks pregnant thinking it has gone fairly fast but also that it has lasted forever. Its hard now to remember how I felt before I got pregnant! I had no idea what to expect (do any of us do for the first pregnancy?!) and its definitely been an adventure along the way. Overall, I wouldn’t call it an easy pregnancy, but I know it could have been much worse. I dealt with bad morning sickness up until about 20 weeks and have struggled with bad sciatica and back pain for most of the time. I’ve tried to stick to natural products and minimal medications as I did before pregnancy, but hot fudge sundaes for dinner and the drive-thru have won out a few times too! These are the things I would consider my pregnancy must-haves:

pregnancy essentials

Blue Sky Organic Ginger Ale– I pretty much lived off this during the first trimester. This plus bagels, mac and cheese and mashed potatoes… In fact, I had so much ginger ale that it did not sound appetizing for a long time after I got past the morning sickness because I associated it with feeling nauseous… Most ginger ales don’t have any actual ginger so this one actually helped me feel a little better. It  has a little bit of that “ginger bite” and tastes real. 

Garden of Life Raw Prenatals– I wanted something as natural as possible with minimal fillers… that I could also get down. These are large but doable, and don’t taste nasty going down. My favorite part is they are made with food-based vitamins instead of synthetic vitamins. 

Barre3 Online Workouts– These have been my lifesaver allowing me to continue to workout throughout my pregnancy. They give me a good, challenging, yet low impact workout. After I stopped running around 28 weeks, I needed something to supplement walking that wouldn’t hurt my back. I already loved barre and found that Barre3 has a ton of online classes for $15 per month. It has helped immensely with my sciatica, balance and general aches and tightness. There are lots of workouts that don’t require any props and every class I’ve done can easily be modified for pregnancy. There’s always one instructor in the video doing an easier/modified option. I’m still going strong with 4 to 5 barre workouts a week and plan to use this post baby too because its awesome for lower body and core strengthening.


Acure Marula + Argan Rose Dry Oil Body Spray and Acure Moroccan Rose Oil -I’ve tried to be even more careful with my body products since I became pregnant but I also needed something effective to deal with my acne and dry skin for 10 months (seriously where is that glow I was promised?!). I use Dermologica cleanser to keep acne away and Acure Moroccan Argan oil for my moisturizer. I’ve been hearing so much about facial oils lately and they truly work. This one hydrates well without being too greasy. I put it on at night after washing my face so it has time to sink in. The dry oil spray is my go-to belly moisturizer. No stretch marks yet!! (I have no idea whether that can be attributed to the oil, but nobody likes a dry belly anyways!)

A foam roller, heating pad and frozen water bottle- Between sciatica, back pain, calf cramps and foot pain, I use at least one if these things every single day. The frozen water bottle is perfect for rolling my sore feet over and icing my tender back. The foam roller is great for loosening up my back after a workout or rolling out my calves. And the heating pad gets used on my middle back every single night to relax my muscles after leaning over the crib to soothe my daughter to sleep #stillnotsleeptrained….

I’ve still got 4 weeks left, so I want to know, what things got you through the end of your pregnancy??


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