2016 Garden Plan

Every garden season starts about the same… I have grand intentions and they mostly fall short. This year it was not for lack of trying though. I planted and replanted my seedlings and carefully babied them, but through a variety of factors (too many rainy/cloudy days in a row, forgetting to soak them down once or twice, etc), not a lot of them made it far enough to make it to the garden. Next year I’ll just be using a grow light and hoping for a much better outcome…

garden seed startingLike last year, I’m doing a combination of container plants and an in-ground garden. The husband dug me a 10×10 plot last year and I’m using it again this year. I found some things, like bell peppers, just don’t succeed in containers for me, so I’ve moved those to the actual garden this year.

Even though I got off to a slightly discouraging start, it was so fun to plan the garden this year thinking about what our daughter might eat in a few months. Hopefully we can keep up with it during the hot summer months so we can see her enjoy things we grew! She even helped plant some if it…


Here’s what I am growing this year:

Started from seed (indoors):

Bush tomatoes
Sugar baby watermelon

Started from seed outdoors:



Cherry tomatoes
Bell peppers
Anaheim chilies

garden planning

We also had about 15 volunteer cucumber plants pop up so I took advantage and moved a few to a row.


I also have my herb garden and potato bin.

garden potato bin

The potatoes grew so much, so fast. The idea was to plant a row of seed potatoes and then add more layers of dirt as they grow several layers of potatoes. They took off so fast, I’m not sure if we got the dirt in there fast enough!

I used my tiered herb garden for the third year in a row. I tried to cover and shelter it and see if anything would survive the winter but the only thing that did make it was mint. And that has gone nuts! I’m currently scouting out all the mint cocktail and mocktail recipes I can find.

tier herb garden

This container also contains:

Sage- regular and purple
Basil- regular and purple

My two containers of sage from last year made it through the winter and are thriving.

sage plants

And I planted two more containers of lavender. I have dreams of some day having enough to harvest and dry and have around the house. But that will take many more plants.

container lavender plant

And finally, I’m trying three new things this year, all in containers… Eucalyptus, stevia and strawberries.

eucalyptus and stevia container plants container strawberry plant


I want to know what you’re growing this year!

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