12 races in 12 months: October, November AND December

I’m finally bringing you the recap on the last three races of last year. At the beginning of 2015, I set the goal of running at least one 5k each month. I’m shocked that between my crazy schedule, a new baby and being pregnant, that I actually did it! One of the things that helped is that Kansas City has TONS of races to choose from almost every weekend. I ran some old favorites, some that have become favorites and some I’d never do again. But the year taught me that the hardest thing about running is usually getting out of bed. This

These last three races have something in common: I was pregnant for all of them. I have a post coming up talking about running through the first trimester, but I’ll talk a little about how that factored into each race now.


 safehome halloween 5k

For the October race, I did the SAFEHOME Halloween 5K. I was really nervous to run this because I’d been feeling really, really crummy all month long. I was 9 weeks pregnant at the time and had been dealing with awful nausea and vomiting since 5 weeks. Luckily, two nights before the race, I started on anti-nausea medication and was feeling much better. I had also been dealing with some lightheaded-ness here and there, so I was very careful not to push myself too hard. I gave myself permission from the beginning to walk the whole thing if I needed. I knew it was an accomplishment just to get up and get out there while I wasn’t feeling my best, but I also really wanted to run. I had gotten in a few runs in the previous month, but I’d been missing the feeling of running regularly. I was also excited that it was the first time my baby girl would be there for a race! It was raining a little, so she ended up sleeping in the car the whole time, but she and my husband were waiting for me at the finish. (She was still asleep… Obviously my accomplishment was unimpressive to her…)

The course itself was not my favorite. It ran around back streets where I saw lots of apartment complexes, office buildings and new construction. I ended up alternating walking and jogging pretty much equally. I realized at the end of the race, I probably had it in me to push a little harder, but I was so nervous about my first pregnant race. Having my daughter there at the finish made it so much more meaningful. I want to set a good example for her and inspire an active lifestyle, so I might as well start now, even though she won’t remember!


ward parkway thanksgiving day 5k

The November race was the traditional Ward Parkway Thanksgiving Day 5K with the family. This year we got the entire family in on the fun for the first time ever. Even though it drizzled a little, we were lucky that it was a warm day (unlike the past two years) and I didn’t have to worry about having my 2 month old out in that weather. I chose to walk this one, so I could push the baby in the stroller. I realized I much prefer running the races… three miles seems really long when you’re walking it! It was so fun to make it a family activity and I hope we can continue to do it every year. Only next year, I’ll be pushing a double stroller!


I finished the year off the same way I started it- with a indoor, underground run. Only this time I was 15 weeks pregnant… I wasn’t feeling up to running outside, even though I do usually enjoy running in the cold, so I was happy the Jingle Run was an option. I’m glad I chose this one, because it was pouring cold, cold rain all morning. My parents came along to watch my daughter so that I could actually run this one. I ran/walked this one as well, but felt a lot better than I did in October.

I learned my lesson from the January race and didn’t dress too warmly this time. It was such a treat to run inside and stay warm! The course was a double loop which helped me know how far I had to finish. My baby girl was wide awake by the time I finished and loved watching all the racers in their festive holiday getups.

So that completes a year of 5Ks. I would have loved to set a running goal for this year but I’m just not sure how training for something will fit in to recovery from childbirth and having two kids. I am looking forward to the day I can push both kids in the jogging stroller (because what every run needs is an extra 60 pounds to push, right?)


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