2016 Goals

Yep, the obligatory New Year’s goal post! Most bloggers have one, but for good reason. I believe sharing your goals/putting them on paper helps solidfy them and keep you accountable. I’ve shared before that I’m not a fan of big resolutions because when you try to hold yourself to perfection, you’re going to fall short and feel discouraged.  I prefer to set goals to focus on throughout the year.

I had one big goal for last year, well two, but one that I shared with y’all was to run 12 races in 2015. And I completed it! Which was a miracle because I was pregnant for four of them… I’m so glad I set that as a goal because it kept me running and pushing consistently throughout the year. I didn’t reach my internal goal of breaking 30 minutes in 5k because… pregnancy….

The other goal, the one I didn’t share publicly, was to start our family. It feels weird to call that a goal because its something we had no control over, but we sure were praying it would happen this year. We were so incredibly blessed to adopt our precious baby girl in September and found out (very) shortly later that I was pregnant. We now know baby #2 is a boy and we couldn’t be more excited to be parents to two! People are always warning me about how rough two kids under 1 will be, but I think it will be the best kind of crazy. Sure, it will be challenging at times, but all parenthood is and we consider ourselves so fortunate to be blessed with two kids in this short time.

So that brings me to 2016 goals:

First and foremost is to deliver a healthy baby. I’m due at the beginning of June so the first half of this year is focused on growing one healthy baby and raising one healthy baby and the second half will be focused on raising two healthy babies. Which brings me to my second goal…

Model healthy habits for my children

The husband and I have fallen off the clean eating wagon lately and have really struggled with getting back on. With everything that’s been going on we’ve been relying on convenience over anything else. (Plus me wanting all the carbs and sugar in the world during my first trimester….) With our daughter set to start on solid foods in less than a month (!!), we need to get back to more home cooking, more food prep in advance and more veggies. I don’t have grand illusions of feeding her only homemade from-scratch everything forever and ever but I do want to focus on having healthy, mostly homemade options readily available for her. And to model healthy habits for her myself. Once the weather gets better and the days get longer, I’m looking forward to getting out for regular walks with her again.

walking with baby

Get back into fitness after baby is born

I’ve surprisingly been doing well keeping up with a fitness routine between mandatory workouts at my job and doing barre online on the weekends. I hope to keep some level of fitness up as long as I can during pregnancy. It so helps me with my energy levels and sanity.

I’ve been keeping up with running jogging so far but I am really looking forward to going all out on a run after baby and really getting my sweat on. And I’m looking forward to wine. But that’s not fitness related 😉

Travel at least once

Its easy to just hole up at home when you have a baby, but since the husband and I have such a love of travel, we want to pass that on to our kids. We likely won’t be taking any big trips this year but I have a goal of doing at least one overnight with the kids. Just to get over that scary first-time-away-from-home-with-two-kids-oh-!;#@ feeling.

Stop by the blog more often and create more new recipes

I thought about leaving blogging behind these last few months, but its one of my favorite outlets. I got out of the recipe creation habit last year and I really miss it. I’m excited to work on some new healthy recipes including some baby friendly ones.

So what are you 2016 goals? Tell me!

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