12 races in 12 months: September

Wow its been a minute! Or several.. I realize its a little crazy I’m getting around to finally writing my September race recap in mid November late December, but I have a really good excuse…


I’ve been cuddling this little chunk as much as possible. We welcomed our sweet baby girl in September! The last couple months have found us settling into a routine and figuring out our new “normal”.

I did find a little time to get in a little running but certainly significantly less than I did b.c. (before children). Now that she’s sleeping more (knock on wood)… I think I’ll be able to fit in a few more runs. Just in time for it to get really cold of course!

But before all this wonderful craziness, I ran my September 5K, the Leawwod Labor Day 5k. It was probably the hardest race I’ve done all year, especially mentally, but it was one I needed to remind me how far I’ve come and that I can push through.

I was working nights at the time and had a horrible night of sleep. Add a bad stomach day, a headache and an emotinally rough week prior on top of that and I was realllly tempted to bail. But the hardest part of racing is getting out of bed and out of the house so once I got that accomplished, I was ready to tackle the race.

It was raining pretty good but also quite humid, so the rain was very welcome during the race. I swear every race I pick ends up going uphill the whole time. Even though this one was an out and back, it sure seemed  to be all slight rises the whole way!

I had to stop and walk a few times, which I haven’t had to do since the beginning of this year, but I still finished in decent time. Having the commitment to do a race a month really kept me accountable to get out there and run on days when I really didn’t want to. And I’ve never once regretted a run/race!

I’ll be back next year with a recap of the final three races of the year and some talk about running through the first trimester (yep baby #2 is on the way… #embracethechaos). I hope you have a wonderful and safe New Years!

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