12 Races in 12 Months: August

8 races down, 4 more to go!

I was definitely ill prepared for this month’s race. Because of a new workout program I am participating in, I ran only 4 times in the 7 weeks between July’s race and this one.  I did run a few sprints and intervals here and there, but I definitely got out of my normal running schedule. But I’m glad I had a month like that to remind myself I won’t instantly lose my running fitness when I can’t fit in as many runs as I’d like. 

This month I ran the Head for the Cure race at Corporate Woods.

head for the cure kc 2015

I’m pretty sure it was exactly the same course as the Diva Dash where I set my PR in March. I learned this time though, that if you are out to set a PR, or have a fast race, you need to get closer to the start line. There were so many people merging in at the start, I had to walk for a while at the beginning. I’ve gotten a little spoiled by all the smaller races I’ve done this year.

After a slow start, the course was great, despite the humidity and I ran a good race. I have less than one week left until my next race. I’m hoping for perfect early September temperatures and a great race! 

Next month::: Labor Day 5K

Last month::: Freedom Run

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