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On our way home from our Minnesota trip (see the amazing food we ate here), we just had to stop  at a few wineries. We were really hoping to try some Minnesota wines while we were up there, but unfortunately they weren’t many and most weren’t open during the week. We were thrilled to find out the Des Moines area, especially Indianola, has a large winery presence. I chose three to try out and was very happy with the ones we visited. One thing I will note is all three had limited tastings where you can only taste about 5 wines. Is it just a Missouri thing where you get to taste all the wines? I love that because I usually end up discovering something great I might have not normally tried. 

But I’m not complaining really, I love any wine tasting…

La Vida Loca

The first winery we stopped at was La Vida Loca Winery in Indianola.

la vida loca winery iowa

They had some of the most unique fruit wines I’ve seen so far, like elderberry and aronia. They also had a cinnamon wine, which I have never encountered. At first, that doesn’t necessarily sound like it would be good, but it was delicious. Combined with their apple wine, it tasted like fall in a glass. I could definitely see sipping that combination on a cool day to warm the insides.

Favorites: Apple wine and First Expressions (sweet wine)

Two Saints Winery

Next we headed to Two Saints Winery and were happy to discover they had live music. After our wine tasting, it was perfect to sit on their deck, look out over their pond and grape vines and enjoy another glass of wine in the sunshine. 

two saints winery iowa

Favorites: Edelweiss (sweet white) and Frontenac Blush (sweet blush) 

Jasper Winery

The last stop on our self-made wine tour was Jasper Winery in Des Moines. This one was more of an urban winery and I loved their landscaping. Pretty flowers in wheelbarrows and prairie grasses made this feel like an mini escape in the city. 

jasper winery des moines iowa jasper winery des moines iowa

Favorites: Bed Head Red (sweet red) and All-Night White (sweet white)

I realized as I write this, we came home with ALL sweet wines. We usually favor a semi-sweet or two, but apparently Iowa is killing it with their sweet wines!

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  1. Bob

    Beautiful landscaping. Is that a miniature variety of purple fountain grass? I’ve only seen the massive 4 foot kind (which is too big for my current situation).


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