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Yep another wine trip… becausse its basically our favorite way to spend an afternoon. We have been to Weston, Missouri twice now to visit the wineries and we are big fans. Weston is a historic small town about an hour from KC that has a great state park that we’ve camped in once and lots of cool little shops to browse. It also happens to have four wineries within easy driving distance from each other.  

The most recent time we visited was Memorial Day weekend and we took my parents up to experience the town. It was a rainy day, but that didn’t stop us from having a great time.

Riverwood Winery

This one ties for my favorite winery in Weston for all that it offers. Its about 10 minutes out of town in a remodeled school house. It definitely isn’t where you would picture a winery, but they have done a great job taking the institutional school feel out of the building and grounds. 

riverwood winery weston mo

riverwood winery weston mo

Besides their wine tastings, they also offer scotch and bourbon tastings and food.

riverwood winery weston mo

We have had a really hard time deciding what wines to bring home each time we’ve been there, because we really like the majority of their wines. But if I have to pick a favorite, Asian Pear wins for its uniqueness.

Favorite wine: Asian Pear

Pirtle Winery

Pirtle is my other favorite. Its located in the heart of Weston in an old church.

pirtle winery weston missouri

The fun part about Pirtle is they have mead! Mead is a 100% honey wine and its so delicious. They have effervescent meads as well as fruit meads, but I love the traditional mead. They also have fruit wines and traditional wines of course. They have a gorgeous wine garden outside to sip a glass under vines and flowers. 

Favorite wine: Weston Bend Rose

Weston Wine Company

Weston Wine Company is also in the middle of Weston and would be a great place to take the girls for a tasting. All the wines are named after cuts of diamonds. We haven’t tried one yet, but they have tastings with mini cupcake pairings.. I think another trip is in order to do a cupcake/wine tasting soon…

Favorite wine: Rosette (a semi-sweet rose) 

Jowler Creek

Jowler Creek has a special place in my heart because they use green methods, such a chickens to control bugs among their grapes and solar power…

jowler creek winery weston mo jowler creek winery weston missouri

All their wines have an animal on the bottle, so its easy to remember which ones you love. 

Favorite wine: Critter Cuvee (a semi-sweet wine)


I happen to think Missouri Wine is such a hidden treasure. There are so many great wineries making amazing wines from Missouri and the Weston wineries are no exception. I’m looking forward to continuing our wine tour of the state soon.

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