12 Races in 12 Months: May Double Header

We’re almost halfway through this year and my 12(+) races in 12 months! So far its been such a rewarding experience to see my running progress from month to month and participate in some fun new races. Its been really helpful to have always have a race on the horizon to keep me running consistently. 

This month I did two races in one day. I planned to run a 1 mile relay with my husband and friends, but I also wanted to get in a 5K for the month. 

Up first, was the Turkey Creek 5K. It was a small race with only about 300 people. It was pretty close to home, so it was easy to roll out of bed and head to the race. 

turkey creek 5k

The course was not my friend though… it was way hillier than I expected and already a humid 70 degrees at the start time. I knew pretty quick in it wasn’t going to be a PR course for me, but some races are just about getting out there and putting one foot in front of the other. The final mile was straight into a strong wind. I was just happy to finish at a normal time for me and head home for a shower and a nap. 

Race two of the day was the Martini Mile, a 4-person one mile relay in Union Hill where drinking is strongly encouraged. We did this one two years ago. We missed last year’s because the husband was graduating from Basic Training.

martini mile 2015

We actually had two teams and had a blast. I was feeling very refreshed from a long nap and ready to run another mile. I ran the third leg for our team.

martini mile 2015

Unfortunately, the course wasn’t very well marked so I took a wrong turn and ended up running an extra tenth of a mile. Good thing we were in it for the drinks! The houses we ran past were gorgeous and other than one brutal hill, the course was fairly easy. I ran my fastest mile so far this year! The rest of our team finished without a hitch and it was on to the post race celebration which is really the reason to do this race. There’s awesome Mexican food to be eaten at Sol Cantina and amazing whiskey to be drank at Barrel 31. This is by far one of my favorite races in Kansas City and I can’t wait for next year. 


Next month::: The Midnight Run 

Last month::: The Trolley Run

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