Hey friends… I am super late with this month’s recap. I don’t talk about it much here because of safety reasons, but my husband was recently gone for 4 months for training with the Air Force. He just got home at the end of March so we’ve been crazy busy since he got home having date nights, doing house and yard work and catching with family and friend. The first week of April flew by! But more on April later, in March I was…


Wearing::: Only one layer!! There were a few cold stretches, but March brought some gorgeous weather to Kansas. It felt like such a novelty to leave the house without a sweatshirt, coat and several shirts on.

Wishlisting::: A pair of Chuck Taylors. I feel like its definitely time to add these babies to my wardrobe, I’m just stuck between these double tongue gray ones and classic black.

Sipping::: I’m on a crazy Kombucha kick. Every since I discovered GT’s trilogy flavor, I’ve been diligently drinking one a day. Kombucha is definitely an acquired taste, but the trilogy flavor, made up of raspberry, lemon and ginger, is delicious! 

Exploring::: Now that the husband is home, I’ve got a long wishlist of new restaurants I want to try in KC. I can’t wait to hit them up and share my favorite finds with y’all. 

Writing::: I covered a lot in March. From the amazing food we ate in San Antonio to my fun experience with classpass. I also started planning my 2015 garden and ran my best race so far this year! 

What are you currently wishlisting, wearing and exploring??


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