12 Races in 12 Months- February

mardi gras kc 5k

Boy was this month’s race was a tough one! I had never done the Mardi Gras KC 5k before, but the 10 am start time definitely appealed to me since I was working late the night before. It was so nice to be able to roll out of bed at 8 am for a race rather than 6 am.

One great thing about the race set-up is the starting line was right outside of a restaurant and the pre-race check in was held inside. We didn’t have to go outside until about 5 minutes before the start. Which was very appreciated since it was about 30* with a nasty wind.

From the start it was pretty much all downhill uphill. My RunKeeper tells me the climb was 481 feet. There was a brief downhill at the halfway point, but other than that, it was all long, steep hills. I was definitely not prepared for all those hills since my normal runs around my neighborhood are fairly flat. The second half was straight into the wind and sucked what little energy was left out of me. I had to stop and walk a couple times which I haven’t had to do since I started running regularly again. I definitely need to add some hills into my training!

I was so happy when the race was over and I could go back inside. In spite of the course difficulty, I knew I was on track to PR, but it turned out the course was 2/10 of a mile too long! A little rough calculation shows it would have been a 3.1 mile PR, but I’ll just call this one my 3.3 mile race PR… 

-Shout out to my dad who ran the race with me and placed 1st in his age group and 20th overall! 

Next Month: The Diva Dash on March 28th (Here’s hoping it will be so much warmer!)

Last month: The Groundhog Run

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