12 Races in 12 Months

Happy New Year friends! I’ve mentioned before that I’m not big on resolutions for New Years, but there’s nothing wrong with setting some goals for the upcoming year. I really got back into running 5ks last year, I did 4. But I wanted to commit to consistently running throughout 2015, so I decided to commit to doing one race a month. That’ll get me outside and running at least a couple times a month and help me maintain a running fitness base. I’ve had fun going through all the local 5Ks and adding some new ones to the race calendar as well as some ones I’ve done in the past. 

Here’s the tentative plan:

January- The Groundhog Run

This one is indoors, perfect!

February- Mardi Gras 5K

It was between this one and the Sweetheart Run on the same day. The late start (10 am) and non-cheesiness won out.

March- St. Patrick’s Day 4 Mile Run or The Whiskey Run 5k

I’m torn between a late start (10 am) with beer afterwards or a smaller race with brunch afterwards…

April- Rock the Parkway

A huge run on Ward Parkway that goes along with a half marathon.

May- TBD

Not a lot of races have been announced for May yet.

June- Midnight 5K Run for Special Olympics

I did this one last year and its always fun to run at night. 

midnight run

July- Ward Parkway 4 on the 4th

A fun way to start off the 4th! (And one of three races I’ll be running on Ward Parkway this year, its a great course!)

August- TBD

Nothing announced on the race calendar yet

September- Sacred Steps 5k

October- John Glaser Memorial 5K

If they do this one again, it will be my October one

November- Ward Parkway Thanksgiving 5K

Now a yearly tradition with the family and they always have the best shirts!

ward parkway 5k


December- Santa Dash 5K

I will run in the cold, but I draw the line at dressing up like Santa…


What races do you have planned for 2015? What are your goals for this year?


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10 thoughts on “12 Races in 12 Months

  1. Eric

    Topeka to Auburn HM in January (two weeks)
    Running with the Cows in May
    Midnight Run for Special Olympics (Maybe I’ll see you there!)
    Ward Parkway Thanksgiving Run (Maybe I’ll see you there too!)
    Leawood Labor Day Run
    Sacred Steps sounds good also
    Fall Half Marathon (not sure which one yet)
    Nice picture of your Dad by the way…

    1. Elle Post author

      Thanks Lucy! I’m all about goals that last throughout the year so I can always be working on something.

  2. Cait

    Impressive! I’m just getting back into running after taking last year off from marathon training. Love the idea of one race a month to keep you on track with running consistently.


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