Eat Local KC: Westside Local and Manifesto

The husband and I recently did a fabulous little staycation in Kansas City for our 2nd anniversary. The first night we wanted to go out to eat so we chose Westside Local. It has been on my restaurant to-do list FOREVER, since it sources tons of local farmers for its food. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it and I was so excited to finally have a night off to try it out

westside local

The restaurant is modern, yet homey with its hardwood floors and exposed brick walls. Its my favorite kind of place, one where you instantly feel relaxed. 

We started our night out with their addictive pint of fries: a pint glass of parmesan and parsley fries with homemade ketchup, garlic aioli and basil-habanero aioli. And a glass of wine of course. 

westside local pint of fries

The husband went with the mussels with smoked tomato, garlic, lime, cream and chorizo. This is a dish I would never have tried a couple years back, but I’m so glad the husband ordered it, it was delightful. 

westside local mussels

I went with the Westside Mac and Cheese. I figure you can’t go wrong with a dish named after the restaurant. This was to. die. for. Probably the best mac and cheese I’ve every had and that’s saying a lot, because I’ve made it my mission to eat quite a lot of mac and cheese in my lifetime. The combination of white cheddar, parmesan, parsley, garlic and bread crumbs was perfection. 

westside local mac and cheese

Even though I was stuffed, I couldn’t pass up dessert. The rich, dense chocolate on a buttery crust was a scrumptious finish to a fabulous dinner. 

westside local chocolate tart

 After dinner we headed to Manifesto, which may very well now be my favorite place in Kansas City.


It would easy to miss and impossible to find if you didn’t know it was there, but that just adds to its charm. Following a back alley and passing a dumpster, you’ll find a backdoor with a hostess seating the very small bar. (Be warned you’ll want a reservation well in advance to get in). Once your seat is ready, you follow the hostess down a dark stairwell into a low-lit basement that buzzes with the low hum of voices. You choose a drink by candlelight then watch the bartenders handcraft your delicious (and perfectly strong) drink nearby. Their menu is filled with tons of unique and creative handmade drinks that will make you feel adventurous. 
manifesto menu

Its the kind of place you can’t help but sit close to the one you love and is perfect for both a night with friends or a date. We’ll definitely be going back soon and I’ll be having another ward & precinct (or two). 

Have you been to either of these places? What did you think?


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