The Pros and Cons of Container Gardening

I’ve been rocking an all container garden for almost an entire season now. I decided to go with a container garden since we moved to a new house in April and didn’t have time to tackle the jungle of a backyard in the midst of all the moving/settling in craziness. While I’d like more of a traditional garden next year, I’ll still be growing some things in containers because its just so darn easy!

I don’t know if its related to the container aspect, but everything is growing so slowly this year. I have tomatoes that are just ripening and peppers just making their way to full size. Luckily we’re in the middle of a streak of gorgeous weather so hopefully they have time to mature!

container gardening

Some of the pros and cons I’ve discovered this summer:

Pro-Less weeding! But not no weeding unfortunately… The major issue I came across was late in Spring when those little propeller seeds blew everywhere. I had to keep up with scooping those out of my pots before they turned into hundreds of little tree sprouts. After that the weeds were rare, which is a huge plus when the temps get ridiculously hot in August. No one wants to be out weeding their garden then.

Pro-Portability. I was able to lift or drag the pots around so they could have better access to sunlight or they could be up against the house to be more protected from high winds (which we have an abundance of in Kansas) or up to a table to protect them from pests. I lost all my second round of lettuce to an unknown predator. Every plant was stripped clean away in one night…

Con-More frequent watering required. Since there is not much dirt, the potted plants don’t hold on to water as long as they would if they were in a raised bed or the ground. The plus is you can water a very concentrated area, rather than set a sprinkler up to water the entire garden area. My rain barrel is right next to the garden and has come in handy

And now a little visual update… I took these pictures about two weeks ago, so things have progressed even more since then.

Tomatoes– three containers

container garden tomatoes container garden tomatoes container garden tomatoes

Peppers- five plants

container garden peppers

Herb garden

container herb garden

And Angus wants to say hi, the “garden” is one of his favorite places to hang out and try to lick plants…

container garden german shepard

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