Essential Oils for travel

essential oils for travel

I’ve been using essential oils consistently for the better part of a year now, so when it came to preparing for a trip to San Antonio, I couldn’t imagine traveling without at least a few of them. As part of my ever continuing quest to use more natural products/remedies, essential oils are becoming more and more a part of my daily routine, especially when I’m feeling not so great.

I would have loved to just throw a good portion of my collection in my suitcase and go from there, but whenever I fly, I try to pack light and carry-on all my luggage. I tell ya, a quart baggie holds nothing! I already had to leave some of my toiletries behind to save space, so I had to go with a smaller transport solution for my oils.

I already had these sample bottles on hand that I’ve used to take some of my oils to work and have some in my purse.

essential oil sample bottles

I chose the 5 of the oils I use the most: thieves, peppermint, tummy rub, stress away and melrose. I had such a hard time narrowing it down!

A sidenote: make sure you label the bottles really well. My writing got a little smudged and I accidentally put peppermint oil on my face. It was like putting my face in snow… that someone had lit on fire. Wow!

thieves essential oils

Thieves was an absolute essential. Between flying and the general stress of travel, I usually come home from trips with a bug, so I wanted to avoid that this time. I dilute my thieves before putting it on my skin, so I added the carrier oil (jojoba in this case) to the bottle. I ended up feeling under the weather during our trip, so I was very glad I had this to put on the bottom of my feet each night to prevent full-blown sickness.

Peppermint is one of the oils I have in my purse at all times because it is so versatile! One of my favorite uses is to inhale it when I’m feeling super tired. Its also good for nausea and headaches, two things that I’m prone to when switching up my routine.

Tummy Rub, a Native American Nutritionals oil, is my favorite for any kind of stomach ailment or discomfort. Its already diluted in fractionated coconut oil, so I can apply a few drops directly to my stomach.

stress away essential oil

Stress Away was a must for both flying and sleeping. I applied it to the inside of my wrists before my flights and before bed at night. I used a small roller bottle for this one for easier application.

melrose essential oil

Melrose is my current go-to for skin care, I mix a drop with my facial moisturizer to help fight acne. Its also good for abrasions, cuts, etc and for purifying/sanitizing

Other ideas:

Lavender- great for calming, relaxation, burns (sunburns), cuts and scrapes, air purification

Purification- good to put on cotton balls and put in air vents if you end up with a funky smelling hotel room

Panaway, Relieve It or Deep Relief- if you’re prone to aches and pains, soreness or stiffness from travel, any of these would be good to have on hand

Citronella- for summer or camping to keep the bugs from biting

essential oils for travel

Disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of essential oils. I am not a doctor. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

I have found success with both Young Living and Native American Nutritionals oils. I would encourage everyone to do their own research and choose a reputable company with quality oils you are comfortable using. 

2 thoughts on “Essential Oils for travel

  1. Kari

    I agree that a quart sized bag holds practically nothing! I get so stressed when flying on a planet since I have to fit everything into such a small bag. These are great tips. I like how you use essential oils to combat these things. I’ll just pop some ibuprofen, but this is much more natural (and I’m sure better for you:) Hope you’re having a great day! I’m sure getting to see your hubby graduate was awesome! I love those pictures of you both on Instagram. Was he able to come home with you or is he coming home soon?
    Kari recently posted…BOOZY SNOW CONE RECIPEMy Profile

    1. Elle Post author

      I had such a hard time choosing between sunscreen and hairspray, shaving cream and shampoo…. Some people have had success with a baggie in each of their carry-on bags, I may try that next time. I’ll confess I still pop ibuprofen a lot, but I’ve gotten away from any cold medicines or sleep aids. Ibuprofen is next on the list to kick! The husband got to come home the same day I did, he’ll be home for a couple months. We all need to get together!


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