Tower herb garden

I’ve never had much luck keeping herbs (or much else for that matter) alive, but I’ve always wanted to have an herb garden at hand. I figured that putting them all in one place might make it easier to keep them alive. I love the pictures I’ve seen on Pinterest of tiered herb gardens, so I decided to try and tackle my own.

I had originally planned to use galvanized containers but I couldn’t find the ones I had envisioned so I went with these bright pots for a pop of color on our patio. I had also thought of using packing peanuts or something similar to make the biggest pot lighter, but I found it wasn’t as heavy as I expected, I’m still able to lift the entire thing.

Putting the whole thing together was very simple.

First, I drilled holes in the bottom of each pot to ensure proper drainage.

Next, I filled the largest pot most of the way full with dirt. Then I nestled the next largest pot just below the surface of the dirt so that it was held securely. I repeated the process with the next pot and filled it with dirt as well.

All that was left was to plant the herbs and let them grow.

tower herb garden

tower herb garden

Here’s what herbs I ended up with:

tower herb garden basil


tower herb garden sage


tower herb garden oregano

Two kinds of oregano



tower herb garden rosemary


tower herb garden chives


tower herb garden thyme


tower herb garden chamomile


tower herb garden chocolate mint

A small chocolate mint

tower herb garden lavender

And lavender to top it all off.

Since I took these pictures, its taken off even more, thanks to all the rain we’ve had. Now to find some time to cook with all these fresh herbs. If you’ve got a good recipe, send it my way!

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