DIY Succulent Garden

I was totally stumped on what to get my mom for mother’s day until I was browsing a flower website and I saw a cute succulent garden. But at $80? No thanks… I realized I could probably make my own for cheaper. Armed a few basic facts about what succulents need to survive I headed to the garden center and gathered my supplies:

a glass bowl

Cactus potting mix


small decorative rocks

3 succulents

 Succulents don’t need a lot of water or a lot of space, so I went with a shallow glass bowl so the plants could stand above the rim. 

First, I put a layer of gravel on the bottom of the bowl. This helps with drainage, since succulents don’t like a lot of water around their roots.

 diy succulent garden

Then, I added the potting mix. This was trial and error until I got the level high enough to cover the roots once I placed the plants in.

 diy succulent garden

Next, I added the plants. 

  diy succulent garden

And finally, I topped the dirt with decorative gravel. 

diy succulent garden

 The whole project took less than 10 minutes and my mom now has a pretty decorative centerpiece that takes minimal maintenance. She’ll only have to water it about once a month when the soil is completely dry. 

diy succulent garden

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