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I’m stuck in gardening limbo again this year. I think I shared with y’all last year that we were planning on trying to move, so I wasn’t sure whether I should plant a full garden or not. I ended up going with the full garden and we didn’t end up moving, so it worked well. This year, we’re pretty sure we’re going to move soon, so I’m going to plan on an all container garden that can move along with us.

I’m going the easy route this year and hitting up my favorite farmer’s market for their annual transplant sale to snag some organic seedlings. If you’re in Kansas City, make sure you stop by on April 18th 4-9pm!

 Here’s my tentative plan for this year plus some awesome container gardening inspiration:


I may go with a simple all lettuce container like this



Or a combination lettuce and herb garden like this one

herb and lettuce garden



I may do a combination of the salad garden above, a tiered all herb garden like this one

tiered herb garden


or a hanging herb garden like the one I did last year.

hanging herb garden


I plan to try a potato barrel this year. I’m going to try a half whiskey barrel or small trash can to avoid it weighing too much to move.

potato barrel



I’ve had success with bush tomatoes in a container before, so these should work well in some of the small containers I have on hand.

Bell peppers and chilies

I’ve never tried these in a container before, but figure they should perform similarly to tomatoes in a container.


Want to know what else you could grow in a container?  Check out this list, some may surprise you.


What are you growing this year?

Anything in containers?

6 thoughts on “Container Garden Planning

  1. Michelle

    I am SO glad I stumbled upon your blog today! I just moved to Kansas City, have been planning on starting a container garden (since my boyfriend and I are renting and unfortunately can’t dig up the yard), and did not know about the transplant sale! I was thinking about going out of town that weekend, but might stick around on Friday to check it out! Any other recommendations for places to get gardening supplies?

    1. Elle Post author

      Home Depot usually has some great sales, Tractor Supply and Orschlens are good for those galvanized tubs and the south KC location of Suburban Lawn and Garden is ny favorite for their huge selection plants, containers and supplies.

  2. Julie

    What did you decide? I’m ordering some of these Grow Boxes this year, after last year’s disastrous growing season. Apparently it wasn’t due to my black thumb – even seasoned gardeners in this area had an inexplicably awful year.

    On my wish list is this , which seems like a fabulous way to have a little bit of everything in one spot. No clue where or how the red anglers winter over, though.

    Lastly, have you thought of growing potatoes in straw? You can layer it in a container, evidently. I went to an Extension Service gardening seminar and heard about straw bale gardening, so finding some decent bales is on my to-do list for this year, too. At least that’s the dream, as I look out on the 2 feet of snow still in the yard.

  3. Elle Post author

    I decided to do the tiered herb garden, a couple of lettuce boxes and a small potato tower. I like the idea of those grow boxes… I couldn’t go wrong with something that is self watering! I have seen some potato barrels that use straw, I might go with that. It would certainly be lighter than layers of dirt.

  4. Andrea

    I juat moved back into an appartment and I’m going to try my hand at container gatdening for the first time. For your hanging herb gatden you mentioned where do you find those hanging containers. It reminds me of an over the door shoe rack is it the same thing?

    1. Elle Post author

      I found mine at Target. I picked one out that wasn’t plastic, figuring it would be more sturdy. You’ll need something stronger to hang it than those clips they come with. I just used rope to tie it to the side of my deck.


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