Adventures in Cooking: Homemade Corned Beef

Its been a long time since I’ve tried a new cooking technique, but I was recently inspired by our new stove and the grass-fed beef we recently purchased. I decided to take one of the briskets and attempt a homemade corned beef. Corned beef is one of my favorite meats, but curing my own seemed very intimidating. Regardless, I really wanted to make my own to avoid the junk in the grocery store corned beef. I searched lots of recipes and found plenty of very complicated ones, but none that were clean. I wanted to avoid sodium nitrite, so I found this recipe that could easily be changed to make clean. 

I started with a 2 lb beef brisket, so I had to halve the recipe. Instead of using the sodium nitrite, I replaced it with more kosher salt. 

corned beef ingredients

I brought the water, pickling spices, raw sugar, salt and cinnamon stick to a boil until the sugar and salt were dissolved. I let it cool in the refrigerator until it was cool enough to pour into a Ziploc bag over the brisket. I doubled bagged it to prevent leaks and let it hang out in the fridge for a week, flipping the bag over every day or so.

homemade corned beef

When I was ready to cook it, I placed it in a pot, and just barely covered it with water. I brought it to a boil and then let it simmer for four hours. The result? Well I realized that when I halved the ingredients, I forgot to halve the salt. Oops. It was just slightly on the salty side…. But otherwise it was delicious with that salty, slightly sweet taste corned beef is supposed to have. And other than the wait time, it turned out to be very simple to make.

homemade corned beef

What have you made lately?

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