Introducing Sprouts

We had the opportunity to check out the area’s newest grocery store, Sprouts, last week. The first and only Kansas store is located at 135th and Metcalf. They also have locations in Arizona, California, Utah, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Georgia, New Mexico and Nevada.

Sprouts calls themselves a “healthy living” store and I would have to agree. I’m always happy to see a new specialty grocery store move into the area where I can fill my natural and organic needs.


It reminds me a lot of my favorite store, Natural Grocers, and had a lot of amenities I liked.

Some of the prices were more expensive than Natural Grocers or Trader Joe’s (like grass-fed beef), but the items on sale were UNREAL. There’s a pretty big sales flyer, so it would be worth making a trip for the sale items alone.

There was a great general organic selection, as well as a store brand organic line.

I especially appreciated the store’s organic spice line, since those can be difficult to find at an affordable price.

sprouts organic spices

sprouts organic spices

There was a huge produce section that was about 1/3 organic and 2/3 regular.

sprouts produce section

sprouts organic

I liked that the organic produce was clearly labeled with “organic” stickers so you don’t have to go searching for the little produce sticker to figure it out.

sprouts produce section

sprouts produce section

sprouts local produce

There were some unique produce offerings such as these Kiwano melons, Asian pears and persimmons.


There was also a deli, olive bar, bulk foods area, bakery section and a large vitamin/supplement and natural beauty section.

sprouts vitamin section

I would definitely recommend checking Sprouts out if you have one nearby. They definitely have all the usual “healthy living” essentials, as well as some unique selections and great sales. I know I’ll be putting it in my regular shopping rotation.

Have you been to a Sprouts before? What did you think?

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