Holiday Gift Guide: Fitness

I’m bringing you a couple of gift guides each Friday this month. The first one was for the kitchen if you missed it. This one’s filled with some of my favorite fit finds.

(These are not affiliate links, just products I like and wanted to share with you)

fitness gift guide

1 Foam roller I think everyone needs a foam roller. I use my all the time to loosen up my back and keep my legs from getting too sore.

2 Weightlifting gloves These are the pair I use. I love that I can throw them in the washing machine and they hold up well.

3 Ten minute trainer This is an oldie, but goodie. I use the videos whenever I don’t have much time to get in a workout.

fitness gift guide

4 A pretty yoga mat I use my yoga mat for floor work too, so why not have a pretty one to look at.

5 Soft kettlebells These are another way to get in a quick full body workout at home. These are soft, so they are a little easier to store than your standard kettlebell..

6 Fitbit I love my fit bit. It’s a pedometer, activity tracker and sleep tracker all in one. They also make one now that you can wear on your wrist, but I like the fact that I can wear this on in my pocket.

7 Zumba or Just Dance for the Wii or Kinect I’ll admit that I love to play dance games on the Wii and it’s a surprisingly good workout.

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