Clean Eating at Sam’s Club

We just got a Sam’s Club near us, but I wasn’t sure if a membership would be worth it for us. When I think of them, I think of super size bags of Cheetos and 700 count boxes of frozen taquitos. but is there any real food sold there? And is it enough to justify a membership? When a Groupon came along that made the membership seem like a fairly good deal, we decided to take a chance and check it out.

clean eating at sams club

Here’s the things I found that fit into a real food diet. Obviously prices may vary from state to state and some of these items may not be the best possible value out there, but there are a few really great deals available.

clean eating at sams club

2 lbs of organic quinoa $6.98

clean eating at sams club

4 lbs brown rice $4.98

clean eating at sams club

24 oz almond butter $9

I don’t eat almond butter, but I know it can be quite expensive, so this may be a good deal. I was disappointed they didn’t have a natural peanut butter.

clean eating at sams club

18 cage-free eggs $3.68

clean eating at sams club

1 lb baby spinach, kale or spring mix $4.50

This is an insanely good price for this size. Usually I find these for $6.99 and up. We go through a TON of spinach, so I’ve been making trips to Sam’s Club just for this (but only because its right across the street)

clean eating at sams club

We looked everywhere for the price on these and couldn’t find it, so I have no idea if they’re a good deal or not. I am happy to know there’s an option nearby for non-hormone/cage free chicken nearby since our regular grocery store doesn’t carry it.

clean eating at sams club

Newman’s Own organic K-cups and Green Mountain Coffee organic K-cups

I don’t remember the exact price on these but they were about $.50 per cup, which is a pretty standard price.

clean eating at sams club

Kerrygold cheese $5.97/lb

Cheese from grass-fed cows. I just need to figure out what to do with so much cheese at once.


Other things we found:

Horizon Organic milk 3 pack for $10

Organic baby carrots 1 lb $3.50


We did find a couple other good deals on Simple Green and magic erasers. I’m not sure if it will be worth the $45 membership fee each year (it does help that we have a Sam’s Club gas station nearby), but I was happy to find a fair amount of real food items available.


Are you a warehouse club member? What real food deals have you found? Do you think its worth the membership price?

12 thoughts on “Clean Eating at Sam’s Club

  1. valchemist

    I didn’t know that about the quinoa or almond butter… I shop at sam’s and have never seen it there. I have gotten coconut oil there… and brussels sprouts (just plain… in the refrigerated veggie section)… I have been on a brussels sprouts kick lately. I also love the kale baby greens mix as you mentioned. I am anxious to hear more ideas…

    1. Elle D

      I hope that my Sam’s has coconut oil. I didn’t see any, but I’m gonna double check now just to be sure, because I usually order mine on the internet. It would be easier to get it from Sam’s

    2. Pat

      I have a Sam’s Club membership and find it well worth it. I found Organic Blue Agave 2 bottles $8.98 far less cost anywhere else.

  2. kstevens

    My Sam’s also has the coconut oil. 54 oz for @$16 and also Organic Whole Food vitamins two big jars for $19. These are great deals!

  3. azuljewels

    Thanks so much for the tips!! At our Sam’s we also get ground organic flax, organic olive oil, organic apples and non-organic avocados. Also frozen blueberries and cherries for smoothies…they’re not organic but I think the same as Trader Joe’s and a better price. They also have amazing frozen wild caught tuna and flounder year round and wild salmon seasonally. And great prices on tubs of epson salts.

    1. azuljewels

      Yes. They seem to be offering even more now and organics are labeled in green. The fish section is in the frozen section. I think across from the frozen chicken. Unfortunately I haven’ t seen the wild caught salmon for a while, if at all this year, but they do offer the flounder and tuna.They do have delicious wild caught smoked salmon. It used to be by the cheese in the deli section and is now in the refrigerated produce section. The frozen berries are in the frozen food section all the way in the last row furthest from fresh produce. Our Sam’s has many organic non refridgerated items all featured together which is nice in front of the olive oil, cooking, coffee/tea area.

  4. Cathy Darby

    This is an older thread but Sams also carries frozen Flav R Pac brand vegies that arent certified organic but are non GMO and say the growers use alternative pest control


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