Lessons from my garden

I may be delusional, but I’m trying really hard to hold on to the last bit of my garden. I have some lettuce still holding on, but I’m to the point where I have to cover it every night. I’m just too stubborn to give up on having my own greens!

fall gardening lettuce

(Obviously I got a little heavy handy with some of the seeds…Some thinning is in order)

I’ve talked about how I am a REALLY bad gardener, but this was my best garden yet! Here’s what I’ve learned from this year and what I’ll do differently next year:

Start earlier and start seedlings in several rounds. Every year my indoor seedlings do great for several weeks and then suddenly die all at the same time. Obviously I need to do some research and figure out what I’m doing wrong, but next year, I won’t put all my eggs in one basket and I’ll start them in waves.

Buy more plants. Some things just do better if I start them as plants, especially tomatoes and peppers. Badseed has a organic transplant sale every April, so I’ll be hitting that up to get a jump start on the garden.

Plant more potatoes and plant them deeper. Some of our potatoes popped out of the ground a little when the tops began to fall over, so those were ruined. Next year I need to plant them deeper and plant about 5x the amount. I may try a potato barrel to free up a little more space in the garden.

Plant lettuce everywhere. Our lettuce did so well this year well into the summer, I want more of it next year. I started it straight from seed, which ended up working fine. Since I know I can freeze spinach and kale well to use in my green smoothies, I’ll plant a lot more next year. Also, red romaine is my new favorite lettuce. Next year, I’ll plant some in the garden and some in containers.

Purchase a rain barrel-friendly soaker hose. I loved having our rain barrel, but we got it put in very late in the season. I hope we can utilize it all season next year along with a soaker hose for the garden. I wouldn’t say no to a couple more rain barrels either.

Retry the herb garden. My hanging herb garden did great for a while, but it dead when we went out of town and I forgot to include it in the list of things to be watered. I haven’t decided whether I’ll try that again or do something like this. Who knows, maybe I’ll go crazy and do both. 

What I’ve learned from writing this list is that I’ll probably need a garden six times the size next year and a bunch of money too.

What did you learn this year and what will you different next year?

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