What I Ate Wednesday #5: The Surprise

What a busy day! I know its been crazy when I don’t open my computer until 10pm!

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Today has been a crazy, all over the board day when it comes to eats. I tried to keep it as clean as possible, but I’ve been feeling a little under the weather so I didn’t eat much until the latter half the the day.

I started my day out with my favorite Brown Cow yogurt. I love that its sweetened with maple syrup.

brown cow vanilla yogurt

After that I went out for a long walk and caught up on the Dave Ramsey show. Me = financial nerd.

When I got home I made myself a bagel and cream cheese. One of the things I’ve missed most since eating clean is bagels. Big, toasty everything bagels smothered in cream cheese…. I was seriously craving some this week, so I picked up a sleeve of mini bagels last week to tide me over for a while. I’m hoping to learn how to make my own bagels soon. (Cue a kitchen failures post…)

Udi's gluten free bagel and cream cheese

I spent some time painting the trim on the house. I’ve been working on this every day off for forever weeks. It feels like it will never be finished…

I wasn’t feeling up to eating after that so I nursed a Blue Sky Organic ginger ale on the way to my parents’ house. Its amazing how different this soda tastes from your typical ginger ale. It reinforces the fact that those don’t have any real ginger in them at all.

blue sky organic ginger ale

My parents asked us to go look at a property they were thinking about buying. They own several rental properties and we’ve gone along with them to look at some of the possibilities before they bought them. I even lived in one of them before the husband and I got married.

This house was in the country about an hour away. Its on some great, super quiet land with a gorgeous view. The house is a serious fixer upper with tons of charm and lots of potential (read: lots of work). They wanted to know what we thought so I told them the land was great and the house had potential and then they told us…. they already own it! SNEAKY. They purchased it last Friday, but really wanted to surprise us. They surprised my brother on Saturday and us today. They even pretended to look up the directions on the drive down. Tricky tricksters….

the farm

Owning land like this has been a dream of theirs and also us kids for a really long time, so I’m very excited for them. I’m also excited for future work days, exploring the land and family nights around the fire pit. Its gonna be a ton of work, but a big adventure for all.

It came with eight cats. Anyone want a cat?


We headed back to the suburbs full of ideas for potential remodel plans and had dinner at my parents’.

We snacked on some Trader Joe’s quinoa and black bean chips and Muir Glen organic garlic cilantro salsa. This is the first time I’ve had either and both were delicious.

trader joe's quinoa and black bean tortilla chips and muir glen organic salsa

For dinner we had grilled chicken, spinach salad and amazingly sweet corn on the cob from their garden.

grilled chicken, corn and spinach salad

Dessert was whole wheat angel food cake and some of my chocolate chip cookies. I’m hoping to recreate the cake for y’all soon.

whole wheat angel food cake

And wine. Always wine.

Its been a busy, fun, surprising day and we’re heading in to a busy week as well. Tomorrow we take our dog in for surgery and I’ll be painting more along with prepping for this weekend’s garage sale. Friday and Saturday we’re having a garage sale and I’ll be working on top of that.

Is it my next weekend yet??

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