Eat Local KC: Green Room Burgers and Beer

We continue on our quest to hit all the local food restaurants in KC. See the ones we’ve hit so far here. A last minute decision to go out led us to Green Room Burgers and Beer, a Westport burger joint.

This one was another hit. It has a relaxing, welcome atmosphere and a simple menu.

It happened to be movie night, so we enjoyed delicious burgers while watching a movie and playing a couple rounds of Sorry!

I opted for the classic cheeseburger. The veggies were crisp and fresh while the burger was juicy.


The husband had the three little pigs burger. I can’t vouch for this one, since I was too busy devouring my own to try it, but he loved it.


And we shared an unpictured basket of delectable fries with some yummy slightly spicy aioli.

I tried cranberry cider off of their extensive beer menu. Someone tell me where I can find more.

They also have a cute patio with a little walk up window where you can order your food.

The food was delicious and cheap. It’s a great place for a relaxed date night or an after work drink.

We ended a fabulously casual date night with a trip to Glace, a must anytime we’re in the area, and a stroll around the plaza. Please tell me another summer is coming after fall. I’m not ready for it to end.


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