How to save money with a rain barrel

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen our new rain barrel.


I’m very excited about it. Especially after I opened up last month’s water bill at almost $200. That is just not going to fly. Between our garden, new landscaping and keeping the lawn green (the last of which I could do without), we have been spending way more money on water than I am comfortable with.

Of course, its dependent on you actually getting rain in your area, but as soon as it does rain, you’ve got a free water supply stored until you need it.

First you need a barrel. We were lucky enough to score ours for $15 at a garage sale, but you can find them on Craigslist for about the same price. Look for a 55 gallon barrel. The key is to find a “food grade” barrel. You don’t want to use the ones from the car wash that contained chemicals. A sturdy plastic trashcan will also work, but it has to have a lid so that your barrel doesn’t become a mosquito haven.

Then you need a kit. We used this kit for $25 which you can find on Amazon or possibly at your local Wal-Mart. The kit has all the hardware and everything you need to make the holes, all you need is your own drill.

Finally, find a flat spot next to your downspout and follow the instructions to install. Then you’re ready for rain!

I also discovered you can hook several barrels together. That’s a great way to have several barrels without making holes in all of your downspouts. Now I’m on the hunt for more barrels!

You can buy a full kit from the home improvement store if you don’t want to hunt down a barrel or want a more aesthetically pleasing look. Those will run you from $80 to $200.


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