Found Recipe Friday #9: Grillin’

Is it really the unofficial end of summer on Monday?? I am super bummed. Here in Kansas City we can probably expect some gorgeous weather for another month or two, but its quickly downhill from there. Has anyone else heard the Farmer’s Almanac prediction for this winter? Cold and lots of snow, or in my region piercing cold. Super depressing for someone who needs a jacket when its 60 out.

Now that I’m done making you sad (or happy if you’re one of those snow loving Northerners (I’m looking at you Dad)), let’s hold on to the end of summer a little bit with five clean grilling recipes for this weekend. I hope y’all have fun, relaxing Labor Day plans. I’ll be priming and painting the trim on my house. It’ll be quite the party over here…

Balsamic and rosemary grilled salmon. You can’t go wrong with a balsamic vinegar and olive oil combination.

Grilled stuffed flank steak. Its stuffed with proscuitto, provolone and garlic. This makes me actually want steak.

Jalapeno poppers. Simple, good appetizer for a crowd.

Paprika and lime chicken tenderloins. I had to include a chicken recipe in here, but this one has a kick!

Maple syrup grilled peaches. You gotta have dessert right? Put these on top of some yogurt or homemade ice cream if you want to get really decadent…

Have a fabulous weekend!

What’s on your menu this Labor Day weekend?


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