Eat Local KC: Smokin’ Fresh BBQ

Ever since I saw the Smokin’ Fresh food truck drive by, I knew I had to try it. Of course, the phrase “Kansas City’s Only All-Natural and Organic Barbecue” immediately grabbed my attention. I found out they are at the Waldo Farmer’s Market every Wednesday which lines up perfectly with our days off.

We went to the Waldo Farmer’s Market last year and were seriously underwhelmed. It was much more impressive this time. Our favorite farmer from the Thursday night farmers market is there, so we know we’re guaranteed some delicious organic veggies. There’s also an Amish farm table offering meats, veggies and eggs, a creamery with cheeses and even an ice cream table. Its now worth the trip.

You do have to pay close attention to what you’re buying because even though its advertised as an organic farmer’s market, there are still lots of non-organic and non-local offerings. But back to Smokin’ Fresh…

Smokin Fresh BBQ Truck

I checked them out online before we went and was very excited to see that they source organic and local ingredients and free-range, hormone and antibiotic free meat. And no GMOs!

I opted for the pulled pork sandwich

Smokin Fresh pulled pork

and the husband chose the burger.

Smokin Fresh burger

Both were delicious, but we agreed the pulled pork was the better of the two. I’m usually the person who drowns my meat in bbq sauce because I think that part’s tastier than the meat itself. This meat was good enough to stand on its own. But the sauce was delicious too. I’m always happy when I can find yummy food that aligns with my “food values”, aka organic, local, real food.

We’ll definitely be back for both the market and the barbecue. I’m just sad the farmer’s market season is so close to the end now!

Have you tried food trucks? What’s your favorite?

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