Eat Local KC: Room 39

Last week we tried out Room 39, a restaurant with locations in Midtown and Mission Farms. Their seasonal menu sources ingredients from local farmers. I love seeing farmers that I have bought produce from featured on the menu. We went to the Mission Farms location and enjoyed dinner on the patio.

Room 39

There is an extensive drink menu including drinks made with house-infused vodkas. I chose the blueberry lemontini. It was fruity, not too sweet and perfect for a summer evening on the patio.

Room 39- Blueberry Lemontini

The meal started out with a shooter of fruit gazpacho. Not my thing.

Room 39- Fruit gazpacho

Next we had a cheese plate with local sheep’s cheese from Green Dirt Farms. I’ve never tried sheep’s cheese before. It was mild and creamy and paired well with the slightly spicy cracker and amazing sweet balsamic onion marmalade that came with it. I could have made a whole meal out of this.

Room 39- Sheep cheese plate

For the main course we split the potato gnocchi and the pork chop.

Room 39- Gnocchi

The gnocchi was okay and the portion size seemed really small for the price. I much preferred the pork chop. It was probably the biggest pork chop I’ve seen in my life and also the juiciest.

Room 39-Pork Chop

It came with a delicious smoky sweet purple potato hash and sautéed squash over a tomatillo salsa. I was so busy inhaling the hash, I forgot to try the salsa.

Dinner is on the pricier end, but they have reasonable breakfast and lunch menus as well. The lunch menu features some of the same items as dinner in smaller, more affordable portions. I’d try any meal there again!

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