Monday Mini Pledge #4

Happy Monday! I may be more excited about Monday than some of you, because today is my Friday! I’m ready to get this weekend started.

Did you switch out a whole grain this week? How’d it go? Ready to take on this week’s mini pledge?

This week’s mini pledge is to

Increase your fruit and veggie intake


This is one I still struggle with. I’ve expanded my palate some, but I’m still very picky and like a limited range of veggies. I have to make a conscious effort to plan to buy and incorporate veggies into my meals, because its definitely not my inclination.

One way that has really worked for me is drinking green smoothies. You can pack several servings into one yummy drink and hide some spinach, kale or other leafy green in there too. Bonus!

Another is to try and have a fruit/veggie with every meal. Once you get there, increase your servings… maybe one with breakfast, two with lunch, two with dinner… Breakfast is the hardest for me; fruit seems like the obvious option, but I’m not a big fruit fan.

I also try to look at recipes I already make and see if I can add veggies in: peppers/onions in scrambled eggs, peas in pasta dishes, corn/peppers in quesadillas or tacos, etc. (Yes I know corn is technically a grain, but I like to pretend its a veggie, because I like corn).   

If you’re looking at upping your veggie intake and you’re worried about pesticides, but at the same time trying to keep the budget tight, check out these two lists: the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen. The dirty dozen are the most heavily treated or have the highest pesticide exposure. If you don’t buy everything organic, try to buy items on this list organic. The clean fifteen are the ones you can worry the least about.



Here’s another cool trick. If the sticker on the fruit starts with a 9 and has five digits, the fruit is organic. If it starts with an 8 and has five digits, its genetically modified. The country of origin should also be listed.

There are farmer’s markets everywhere right now with gorgeous local produce…get out there and get some veggies!

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