Monday Mini Pledge #3

Happy Monday! Did you take on last week’s pledge? How did it go? If you’re feeling inspired, keep up with weeks one and two and add in week three. You’ll be eating clean in no time!

This week’s pledge:

Switch one grain you use to a whole grain

I would say switch all grains, but I know from experience that this one can take some time. Finding premade products made with 100% whole wheat (and without artificial sweeteners) is sometimes difficult. One good option is to find a bakery or buy your bread at the farmer’s market.

When looking at the ingredients, look for 100% whole wheat flour. Products can say “whole wheat” without actually being whole wheat. Fun, right? Wheat flour that is not 100% whole wheat has all the good filling parts taken out and is basically white flour.

So this week, pick a “white” grain and switch it to a whole grain:

White rice to brown rice

White bread to whole wheat bread

White tortillas to corn tortillas

Pretzels or crackers with white or wheat flour to whole grain options

White flour to whole wheat flour (or another whole flour if you’re gluten free)

Pasta to whole wheat pasta

Good luck!

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