Mini Pledge #1

For the first pledge, I chose something that doesn’t take a whole lot of planning or a lot of extra time to accomplish. This weeks mini pledge is

Cut out soda and other sugary drinks

I love a soda every once in a while (especially a real sugar root beer- YUM), but I realize there is zero nutritional value to it. For a caffeine fix, replace soda, energy drinks and sweetened coffee drinks with coffee and tea. Coffee and tea both have lots of health benefits and there are tons of clean ways to make them tasty.

Consider these additions or a combination for coffee:

Maple syrup

Raw sugar


Cocoa powder (try combing it with one of the sweeteners listed to make a mocha-like drink)



Pumpkin pie spice

Milk (Cow, soy, coconut, etc)


And these for tea:


Lemon or lime

Frozen berries (for a cold tea drink)


Sparkling water (add to a cold tea for a soda-like drink)


Cinnamon or nutmeg


If you want a drink without caffeine, try these

100% juice (try mixing with half water or sparkling water)

Water or sparkling water with berries, cucumbers, lemon, lime and/or mint added

Green smoothies

Milk of choice

Decaf soda or tea


Here’s my drink of choice when I need a little caffeine fix:

green tea with lime

Brew two tea bags of choice. My favorite is green raspberry tea.

Stir in a little honey

Cool tea in fridge or freezer. Tea doesn’t have to cool all the way, just enough so that its no longer boiling hot and won’t melt

Pour over ice and squeeze in the juice of a lime



What are your favorite creative ways to sweeten your coffee or tea without sugar of artificial sweeteners?

If you’re joining this mini pledge, I’d love to know! Let me know how it goes for you!

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