Found Recipe Friday #3

Happy Friday all! I hope you have lots of fun things planned for this hot hot weekend ahead. In spite of the crazy heat, we managed to get a lot done on our weekend. I’ve shared the work in progress that is our front yard. We got a little behind on the project and it got very overgrown with weeds.


We spent a good amount of time pulling out the weeds to prepare it for planting. We got about half of the bed landscaped and plan to finish it next weekend.


Its such a relief to not have a complete eyesore in the front yard anymore. Now its only a semi-eyesore.

Our garden seems to be surviving the swelter so far. I’m surprised we still have lettuce growing this far into the summer.



Our tomato plants are exploding!


On to my favorite clean recipes from around the web this week. Click on the link to be taken to the original source:


Cheesy whole wheat ranch crackers. I never thought about making my own crackers, but these look easy. Also yummy.

gouda mashed potatoes

Smoked gouda mashed potatoes. Fact: Mashed potatoes are amazing. Fact: Smoked gouda is also amazing. Therefore, the two combined should make for some cheesy, creamy goodness.

kale frittata

Kale, potato and onion frittata. This looks like an easy, healthy dinner option. Just replace the vegetable oil cooking spray with olive oil.

honey ice cream

Honey ice cream. I need an ice cream maker. Immediately.

corn salsa

Corn salsa. This is supposed to be like Chipotle’s corn salsa which is totally addictive.

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