Breakfast Pita

I made this yummy and clean breakfast pita this evening (aka my morning). I will definitely be putting it in the rotation. The topping possibilities are endless!

Don’t mind my fine china 🙂

First, scramble one egg (I found one egg was enough for these small pitas, but you may need more if you use a bigger pita) along with your toppings of choice. I used red peppers this time. Make sure you seasoning with salt and pepper! Scramble the eggs until they are barely cooked through (they’ll cook more in the oven)

Next, place your egg mixture on a clean pita. I used Trader Joe’s whole wheat pitas.

Top with your chosen cheese. I used block cheddar, shredded on my own of course (pre-shredded cheese is not clean)

Pop it it the oven at 350 for 8-10 until your cheese melts

Easy right?

Here’s some other topping ideas:

Any color bell peppers


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